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NMD ATM 2014 Conference Program

ATM Session Overview

Poster Session

Plenary Lectures ( Open to All)

Panel Discussion

Entrepreneurship Oppurtunities for Metallurgical and Materials Professionals
Human Resource Challenges for Metallurgical & Materials Industries
Future of Manufacturing - IT / Manufacturing
Role of Materials in Renewable Energy Technologies

Detailed Program For Each Theme Symposia

Additive Manufacturing IIM-TMS Symposium on Industrial Realization of ICME: Challenges and Opportunities
Advanced Composites Joining Technology: Welding, Adhesives & Cladding
Advanced Niobium Steels for Modern Automotive Applications Materials for Automotive Industries
Aerospace Materials Materials for Energy Sectors: Thermal, Solar, Hydro & Wind
Casting & Solidification Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
Computational Materials Science Metal Forging
Corrosion & its Prevention Metallurgical Heritage of India
Defence Materials Microstructure and Texture
Dr.B.R.Nijhawan Memorial Symposium on Mineral Processing Nano materials: Synthesis, Processing & Applications
Engineering Polymers Non-destructive Testing
Fuel Cells and Batteries Nuclear Materials
Glass & Advanced Ceramics Physical Metallurgy of Materials
Heat Treatment & Surface Engineering Predictive Data Analytics for Manufacturing
IIM-EMSI (Electron Microscopy Society of India) Symposium on Advanced Materials Characterization Process Metallurgy for Ferrous Metals:Steelmaking
IIM-PMAI (Powder Metallurgy Association of India) Symposium on Powder Metallurgy Process Metallurgy for Ferrous Metals: Ironmaking
IIM-SIMA (Sponge Iron Manufacturers Association) Symposium on Sponge Iron Process Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals
IIM-SFA (Society for Failure Analysis) Symposium on Failure Analysis Space Materials
IIM-SMFRA (Sheet Metal Forming Research Association) Symposium on Metal Forming Sustainability: Remanufacturing, Refurbishing & Recycling